Which Sheen Is Best For Interior Painting?

Choosing the right paint sheen is just as important as the right picking the right color. But most of us are guilty of ignoring the former for the latter. For those who are new to the concept, paint sheen refers to the shininess of the paint or how well it reflects light.

In this blog, we will discuss how you can choose the right paint sheen for your projects. But first, let’s have a look at the different types of paint sheens.

There are five main types of paint sheens to consider: flat, eggshell, satin, semi-gloss, and high-gloss.

Each type is unique with its own benefits, so what’s right for you will ultimately depend on your personal preferences and the specific needs of your space.

1. Flat: Flat paint, also known as matte paint, has the least amount of shine and is best if you’re looking to hide imperfections on your walls. Even though you’ll get a smooth and matte surface, the durability comes with caps. It’s not easy to clean this sheen either compared to others. Flat paint is best suited for low-traffic areas like bedrooms and ceilings.

2. Eggshell: Eggshell paint has a subtle, soft sheen that is just a tad more reflective than flat paint. It’s definitely more durable and easier to clean than flat paint. So if you want to paint your living room, dining room, hallways, etc., this has to be a popular choice.

3. Satin: The name gives it away when it comes to this type. It has a silky, lustrous finish which is more resistant to scuffs and stains than eggshell paint. If you’re thinking of painting your home areas like kitchens, bathrooms, and playrooms, go for satin. All it will take to clean is a damp cloth!

4. Semi-gloss: This is the way to go for a little bit of all the good things from other types. It has a moderately reflective finish that is more durable and easier to clean than satin paint. It’s a popular choice for trim, doors, and cabinets, as well as bathrooms and kitchens where moisture and humidity are prevalent.

5. High-gloss: High-gloss paint has the highest shine and is the most durable and easy-to-clean paint sheen. It’s ideal for high-traffic areas, such as doors, trim, and cabinets, but its reflective finish can highlight imperfections on walls, so it’s not recommended for large surface areas.

Now that you know about the diverse options in painting sheens, here are some tips to help you pick the right one for you:

  • Consider the room’s use and the wear on the walls. Busy areas like kitchens and bathrooms need tougher sheens. Bedrooms and living rooms can use softer finishes.
  • Check the wall’s surface. Flat or eggshell sheens hide flaws. For good walls, a shinier sheen looks better.
  • Natural light affects sheen appearance. In bright rooms, the high sheen may be too shiny. In dark rooms, matte or eggshell can brighten the space.
  • Test sheen samples on walls in a different light to decide the best one.
  • Use different sheens in different rooms based on their function and look. Satin in kitchens and bathrooms and eggshell in living rooms and bedrooms create variety.
  • If unsure, ask a professional painter or designer for advice on paint finishes.

Professionals play a vital role in painting projects. Their experience and skills ensure quality work, proper surface preparation, and the use of appropriate techniques. They can help select the right paint and sheen, ensuring a durable and visually appealing result. Hiring a professional painter saves time, reduces stress, and delivers a better outcome than attempting a DIY paint job.

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