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  • DIY Painting Guide: Tips & Techniques For New Homeowners

    Moving into a new home? I bet it’s exciting. Personalizing a new space is not without some anxieties, though, especially if you’re thinking of going the DIY route. So here…

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  • Why You Should Go For A Professional House Painting Job Over DIY

    So you’ve taken the decision to get your house repainted. It doesn’t matter whether it’s for the interior or exterior. The job is a challenge. So if you’re thinking of…

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  • How Do I Know It’s Time To Repaint My House Exterior?

    To keep a home looking nice and protected from the elements, regular exterior maintenance is essential. Although many professionals suggest repainting every five to ten years, the exact time can…

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  • Paint Sheen: Glossy Or Flat?

    Numerous crucial choices must be made during a painting project, and choosing the appropriate paint sheen is definitely one of the most important considerations. I believe nothing can beat the…

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  • Which Sheen Is Best For Interior Painting?

    Choosing the right paint sheen is just as important as the right picking the right color. But most of us are guilty of ignoring the former for the latter. For…

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  • Mastering Paint Sheens: Enhance Design And Functionality In Your Space

    Choosing the right paint sheen can transform a space by enhancing its design and functionality. Several aspects should be taken into account when selecting a paint sheen, such as the…

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  • How To Choose A Paint Sheen For Your Home

    As a home decor enthusiast, I’m always looking out for new ways to give my flat a makeover. Recently I tried looking into a different look for my kitchen cabinets….

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  • What Should Be Kept In Mind When Selecting A Kitchen Cabinet Painting Contractor?

    The appearance and functionality of your kitchen cabinets can affect the whole ambiance of your kitchen. You can refresh and modernize your kitchen without spending a lot of money by…

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